LTO3 / Ultrium 3 - Asynchronous Personality Daemon

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LTO3 / Ultrium 3 - Asynchronous Personality Daemon

Unread postby videobrat » Thu Apr 06, 2006 11:52 am

I have not purchased the IRIX LTO3 Asynchronous Personality Daemon license, as this LTO 3 drive has functioned flawlessly since I traded in the Quantum drive for the HP (and edited the SCSI file).

Code: Select all

        /* HP LTO3 / Ultrium 3 */
         { DATTAPE, TPDAT, 2, 9, "HP", "Ultrium 3", 0, 0, {0},
           40, 5*60, 20*60, 20*60, 3*3600, 512, 512*512,
           tpsc_default_dens_count, tpsc_default_hwg_dens_names,
           {0}, 0, 0, 0,
           0, (u_char *)0 },

Well, it's working fine, but it's SLOW. This takes about 36 hours to write a 400GB tape. This same tape extracts in about 6 hours.

I understand this would run substantially faster if I bought the APD package, but would I really get TEN TIMEs the performance if I had the $2500 APD license?
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