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Softimage Irix Mental Ray

Unread postby Intuition » Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:29 am

Here is a scene I built in Softimage 3.9.2 on the 400mhz o2.

It is a bit indulgent even for the 400mhz cpu. I made a half res scene file with a bit lower render settings so it wouldn't go long on slower machines.

It took like 20 minutes on the 400mhz o2 at higher Mental Ray settings min/max 0-2 AA w triangle sharp filter and 6x6 area light samples.

The one hang up at the moment is that I am not sure the files I have uploaded are going to load correctly in another SGI box with softimage.
Mainly because they are very small. Like 20k. What I think these *.dsc files do is work like maya files that have references in them. Meaning that they may have the scene file but not the objects. Which means I may have to zip/tar up the whole database folder so that you get the objects and textures too... though, a default Softimage install will have the checker board texture I used. As long as your softimage is installed in the default location it shouldn't be a problem as far as texture goes.

So, please attempt to load the scene files... let me know if they open for you correctly. I will also try to test by downloading them to my 300mhz o2 and seeing if they open up ok. If not I will upload the database folder and you should be able to open the scene.

I have an Octane on the way and will be setting it up with the personal video card at some point so I can just make a desktop recorded tutorial for Softimage on Irix. It is the trickiest UI of them all as far as keyboard mouse 3d view navigation. Not intuitive one bit... BUT... also not difficult ONCE you have the ah hah moment. The UI button layout isn't hard to learn though and is quite elegant.
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