Tutorial: install Irix from Debian/Ubuntu

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Tutorial: install Irix from Debian/Ubuntu

Unread postby nuts » Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:33 am

Hi all,
I received a request about to create a install server for IRIX from debian (it works also from Ubuntu)
It works from a dedicated PC or from VirtualBox if you configure the LAN by bridge.
This tuto also works to run Gentoo or OpenBSD images.

1/ Install your debian (search on google if you don't know how to)

2/ In your Debian/Ubuntu system install tftpd and rsh-server (you must have it for IRIX, optional for *BSD or Linux) with aptitude.
If you don't have aptitude, in a root terminal:

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apt-get install aptitude


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aptitude install tftpd
mkdir /srv/tftp
chmod 777 /srv/tftp
chown nobody /srv/tftp
aptitude install rsh-server

3/ Now you have to configure the server, for example my server has an IP=, my SGI has IP= with hostname="octane" and MAC=08:00:69:0e:47:98

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echo " octane" >> /etc/hosts
echo "" > /root/.rhosts
echo "08:00:69:0e:47:98" >> /etc/ethers

4/ Copy the files from your CDs or Iso (with the mount command) in /srv/tftp, create some directories for all CDs (ex: /srv/tft/1 /srv/tftp/2 ...), If you want to try OpenBSD or Linux, put images in /srv/tftp

5/ On your SGI machine go the prompt and set:

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setenv -p netaddr
 setenv -p srvaddr

And that all:
to make partitions, in prompt:

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boot -f bootp() --x

to run OpenBSD or Linux:

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boot -f bootp()

And finally install Irix:
go to "install system software" then "remote directory"and

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Re: Tutorial: install Irix from Debian/Ubuntu

Unread postby robespierre » Fri Sep 12, 2014 4:44 am

You can also edit bootptab to customize the files available to each client.
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