Using Octane Compression with VPro graphics

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Using Octane Compression with VPro graphics

Unread postby recondas » Sat Jul 01, 2006 8:29 pm

The Octane Compression option is *not* offically supported with VPro graphics. I ran down the necessary info to get my V6 equipped Octane running with an Octane Compression board from the following sources:
Techpubs Document
Ian Mapleson's nekochan post
ZoontF's Nekochan post
Chris Pirazzi's Lurker's Guide to Video

For future reference, here's a condensed version of of the process I followed:

You'll need to install the drivers and software necessary to use the Octane Compression <I did this before installing the hardware>.

To install, you'll need the base driver install, "Octane/Impact Compression for IRIX 6.5, p/n# 812-0622-002 <I found a copy on the old web site>. You *must* also install the version of the drivers that came with your overlay set <e.g. 6.5.xx>. These can be found in the "unbundled" directory of your overlay install set. If you're not sure which CD they reside on, take a look at file:///var/www/htdocs/WhatsNew/install/cds_frame.html on your system.

Remember, if you have a VPro graphics option installed, IRIX thinks VPro and Octane Compression conflict, so you'll have to use "rulesoverride" to get the drivers installed:

Code: Select all

Controls whether conflicts can be overridden. The default value, "off", prevents you from installing subsystems that do not meet specified incompat
or prereq rules. If you want to override these rules, set "rulesoverride" to "on". This preference should be used cautiously. "rulesoverride" is not
saved from session to session. NOTE: it is best to first resolve as many conflicts as possible, and then only as a last resort use this preference
just before "go" or "start" to overcome the remaining conflicts. After the installation completes, you are advised to set "rulesoverride" back to "off"
so that conflicts do not go accidentally unnoticed for the remainder of the session.

If you use Software Manager, rulesoverride can be set from 'File'>Set Preferences' on the toolbar. The rulesoverride setting is transient, but just to avoid problems, I'd confirm it is not longer set when i'd finished with the Octane Compression driver install.

This Techpubs document lists the following software subsystems and prerequisites for Octane Compression:

Code: Select all

OCTANE Comparession and IMPACT Compression Subsystems
       OCTANE Compression and IMPACT Compression includes these

       impactcomp.sw.eoe:          Kernel device driver and Video
                 and Compression Library
                 software for OCTANE
                 Compression and IMPACT
                 Compression        Man pages for OCTANE
                 Compression and IMPACT
                 Compression        Release notes for OCTANE
                 Compression and IMPACT

       impactcomp.books.Ind2IMCpres_PG:   Programmer's Guide for
                 OCTANE Compression   and IMPACT


       OCTANE Compression and IMPACT Compression requires the
       following software:

     + OCTANE and IMPACT Digital Media Base Execution
       Environment, 6.5 (impactdm)

     + Digital Media Execution Environment, 6.5 (dmedia_eoe)

You can confirm you've installed all the necessary bits <impactdm, dmedia and impactcomp> with the 'versions' command:

Code: Select all

octane 1# versions impactcomp
I = Installed, R = Removed

   Name                 Date        Description

I  impactcomp           06/17/2006  IMPACT Compression Execution Environment
I  impactcomp.books     06/17/2006  IRIS InSight Books, 6.5
I  impactcomp.books.Ind2IMCpres_PG  06/17/2006  IMPACT Compression Programmer's
I  impactcomp.books.OctaneCpres_PG  06/17/2006  Octane Compression Programmer's
I       06/17/2006  IMPACT Compression Documentation
I 06/17/2006  IMPACT Compression Man Pages
I  06/17/2006  IMPACT Compression Release Notes
I  impactcomp.sw        06/17/2006  IMPACT Compression Software
I  impactcomp.sw.eoe    06/17/2006  IMPACT Compression Execution Software

octane 2# versions impactdm
I = Installed, R = Removed

   Name                 Date        Description

I  impactdm             06/17/2006  IMPACT Digital Media Base Execution
                                    Environment, 6.5.28
I         06/17/2006  IMPACT Digital Media Base Documentation
I  06/17/2006  IMPACT Digital Media Base Release Notes
I  impactdm.sw          06/17/2006  IMPACT Digital Media Base Software
I  impactdm.sw.eoe      06/17/2006  IMPACT Digital Media Base Execution
octane 3# versions dmedia_eoe
I = Installed, R = Removed

   Name                 Date        Description

I  dmedia_eoe           01/24/2006  Digital Media Execution Environment, 6.5.28
I  dmedia_eoe.sw        01/24/2006  Digital Media Software
I  dmedia_eoe.sw.synth  01/24/2006  MIDI Synthesizer
I  dmedia_eoe.sw64      01/24/2006  Digital Media 64-bit Software
I  dmedia_eoe.sw64.lib  01/24/2006  Digital Media 64-bit Execution Libraries

I  dmedia_eoe           01/24/2006  Digital Media Execution Environment, 6.5.28
I  dmedia_eoe.books     01/24/2006  Digital Media Books
I  dmedia_eoe.books.FXbuilder_Help  01/24/2006  FXBuilder Help
I  dmedia_eoe.books.MediaTls_UG  01/24/2006  Media Tools User's Guide, Help and
I  dmedia_eoe.books.SynthEditor_UG  01/24/2006  Using Synthesizer Editor
I      01/24/2006  Digital Media Data Files
I  09/07/2003  Sample Movie Files
I  09/07/2003  Desktop Sound Files
I  01/24/2006  MIDI Synthesizer Data Files
I       01/24/2006  Digital Media Documentation
I 01/24/2006  Digital Media Manual Pages
I  01/24/2006  Digital Media Release Notes
I  dmedia_eoe.sw        01/24/2006  Digital Media Software
I  01/24/2006  Audio System Components
I  dmedia_eoe.sw.base   01/24/2006  Digital Media System Components
I  dmedia_eoe.sw.lib    01/24/2006  Digital Media Execution Libraries
I  dmedia_eoe.sw.plugins  01/24/2006  Digital Media Plug-ins
I  01/24/2006  Digital Media Tools

As root, edit "chkconfig" and set the configuration flag for the video daemon to "on":

Code: Select all

# chkconfig videod on

And either reboot or load the video daemon manually:

Code: Select all

 /etc/init.d/videod start

At this point you should be able to display a live video feed in a 'videoin' window.

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Unread postby squeen » Mon Jul 03, 2006 5:21 am

Nice summary. Thanks.

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