Solaris 11 dropping much hardware support

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Re: Solaris 11 dropping much hardware support

Unread postby SAQ » Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:48 pm

kurkosdr wrote:Can i ask some more things?

1) Will Solaris 11 boot on Sun Ultra 1500/2500 and Sun Ultra 25/45? When i first read this topic i assumed not, but then i thought it might boot but "not be officially supported", which is still sad news, bad not as much as not being able to boot at all.

2) Programmers who want a desktop system with binary compatibility with sparc big iron are going to be pissed in case Solaris 11 doesn't boot on sparc workstations, right? Is Elison trying to kill sparc?

3) Will Solaris 11 code be released as OpenSolaris? If so, and in case Solaris 11 doesn't boot on sparc workstations, it can be fixed by the community, right?

(1) don't know. Someone will have to get the software and try it out. It's not "supported", though, so it could go either way.

(2) Oracle is trying to maximize their return on their investments. Programmers will have to connect remotely to a server or cross-compile. Keep in mind this is the way that it's always been done on Crays, and the way it's usually done on many other architectures. Oracle will kill SPARC if the business case for a dead SPARC beats the business case for a live one, but obsoleting not-that-old machines seems more like a "we're trying to get you to buy new ones" approach rather than "we're getting rid of this".

(3) Some probably will, but Oracle has said that under no circumstances will the code be released before the relevant version of commercial Solaris. Note that any of their policies can change.
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Re: Solaris 11 dropping much hardware support

Unread postby zmttoxics » Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:16 pm

11X works on those machines but with very limited graphics support. You will have to wait and see like the rest of us what 11 actually works on.

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Re: Solaris 11 dropping much hardware support

Unread postby melchez » Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:16 am

No real surprise. Sun was creeping up on the X86 architecture way before the big Oracle buy out. Having hardware that can run different OS's is somewhat a good selling point, I've seen whole functions, applications, networks (rows and rows of servers) go from Solaris to Linux to x86 Solaris. Even seen Solaris to AIX then to Linux. Some not so successful Solaris to new HP-UX Itanium blades. This process is a lot easier if the hardware don't need to be changed.

We need to keep in mind the cost of supporting different architecture can be high along with possible performance lost with supporting universal binaries, optimization issues,so it might best to narrow it down.

But we are loosing a good Midrange solution. Sun's recent big "iron" weren't that big compare to IBM big boys. the M5000 is nice mid size server. M9000 are big but Sun screwed Fujitsu over, Fujitsu was on the path to producing some real nice big machines that were bullet proof. Rarely did I have an issue with a Fuji 2500. Sun did own the mid and high-mid-range server world. But mid-range is a tuff sale now. A bunch of virtual machines running on rows and rows of cheaper speedy x86 architecture, replacing hardware is all about swapping a board now vs running explorer, dumps, ftp'ing it up and all that stuff then waiting for Oracle to call you back just to say replace CPU 0.
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Re: Solaris 11 dropping much hardware support

Unread postby edikat » Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:05 pm

vishnu says: The downward spiral accelerates...

Indeed it does vishnu, indeed it does.

The entire ethos of Sun was destroyed almost overnight. You know it would have been far better if IBM's bid succeeded. I'd feel a lot more comfortable with IBM, given they love R&D, and probably would have been a far better culture fit for the Sun guys and gals.

Dropping the USII I can kinda understand, but the III and IV? There are still big server farms running V series, where CPU power is not as big concern as stability and support.

Nothing surprises me however now.
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