Need info on color space conversion

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Need info on color space conversion

Unread postby jan-jaap » Thu Mar 08, 2007 6:06 am

A while ago I found a breakout box for the VideoLab I have in the 4D/380 Predator. It looks like this:



Unfortunately I don't have the cable to connect it to the rack yet. But I traced all pins and it seems that a cable with 13 shielded wires will do, and I can order the 26pin D-sub plugs from Farnell, so I guess I can fix this. If anyone has this cable, I'd be interested, still :D

Next, I need to hook something up. This is a toy project, so I don't want to spend a lot of money. I just want to see this thing work 8)

Quoting from the Lurker Guide to Video:

# VideoLab

A custom video I/O board for the Power Series VGX graphics. Did video-to-graphics and graphics-to-video operations; had no connection to system memory. Could not co-exist with VideoSplitter. Supported analog component I/O; a separate converter card for analog composite I/O was planned (and has connections on the breakout box) but was cancelled due to lack of market interest. Had it's own custom library and API (libvli). Internally the main VideoLab board was called VO1; the cancelled conversion board was called VH1.

There's also a thread about it in the usenet archives here.

If you want to see what the VideoLab board looks like, or how it's hooked up to the front panel, have a look here: ... -predator/

I verified that the connector labeled "Analog Video 1" is connected to the component BNC's labeled R(R-Y), G(Y), B(B-Y) etc. The S-Video and COMP plugs are wired to "Analog Video 2", to be connected to the VH1/VO2 board that never happened, so they are useless.

My knowledge of video equipment is limited to consumer stuff with DV (1394), SCART or S-Video plugs. I've got a consumer mini-DV cam that puts out analog video on SCART and / or S-Video that I'd like to hook up to the VideoLab BOB.

Would something like this RGB-YUV converter be what I'm looking for?

Even if this works, I have BNC's on one end and 'normal' tulip plugs on the other end, can I just make a cable with one of each and expect it to work or do they expect a different impedance?

Any input from the resident video gurus would be much appreciated, thanks :D

Oh, BTW: I'm in the Netherlands, we speak PAL here, not NTSC...
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