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Unread postby RacerX » Wed Sep 01, 2004 10:14 pm

hamei wrote:You guys are sick ! how about AIX on a PS/2 ? ...

Well, we each have our own computer fetishes... I happen to like Apple's Unix systems. But I did have my eye on an AIX ThinkPad I saw on ebay at one point.

The problem (for me) is that AIX looks and feels a lot like Solaris. I have a Solaris system here that I never use. I can't tell you the last time I even turned the thing on. I use my Indy daily. It gets as much time as my Rhapsody systems.

IRIX is way a head of any of the other Unix (System V) systems I've had any time on. It has spoiled me. Even A/UX doesn't hold a candle to the version of IRIX that was out at the time (specially as the IRIS Indigo was a direct competitor to Apple's Quadra series). The main reason the Indy didn't have a bigger effect was that software companies didn't put that much into IRIX software (like Adobe's weak efforts of the period).

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Unread postby gandalf » Sat Sep 18, 2004 2:18 am

Just some info about the good ol' IIC. As a proud owner of one.

It has 8 ram slots, to be installed at banks of 4. Standard 30Pin memory (it can have parity or not, check your motherboard, it usually hasn't). It is about the same ram that goes in the 4D/20 personal iris. Well, they are about form the same year too.
While it is easy getting 16 or 32MB of ram in it, getting more is tricky due that some simms tend not to work, are difficult to find etc. But I recently got by luck some used simms and bumped up from 20MB to 68Mb.

I am then a "purist" and I don't like CPU upgrade cards, but if you don't have a cache card, find one, it makes some life flow in the original 68030 :)

As far as ethernet goes, any NuBUS card will fit.

I personally run OpenBSD 3.3 on it, but NetBSD runs fine on it too.
A/UX 3.0 is a nice beast though :) and for the really adventurous MachTen exists.


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