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Re: Vintage hardware buying binge and other projects

Unread postby Krokodil » Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:56 pm

Trippynet wrote:The O2 is thankfully one of the easiest SGI systems to silence (probably beaten only by the Indy with the Sony PSU, and even then the HDDs are a bit more of a faf to sort as you need adapters for the newer SCA drives). I replaced the PSU fan in my old O2 with a quiet Noctua fan and popped a really quiet 300GB hard drive in it (snaffled for free out of a dead server at work) and it was almost silent by the time I'd finished. Overall it's a nice little machine and a great starter system for someone coming into the SGI fold! :)

I'm gonna buy a few SCA SCSI's and adapters. That hard drive is probably original and is long past it's rated life, not to mention it sounds like a bat out of hell when it kicks in at boot. I guess any 80mm fan with a three pin plug should work as a replacement?

The O2 is quite nice, just the case is fragile and it's 3D performance is pretty poor. But other than that it seems to be decent. Low cost of ownership and reliable hardware

Someday, I'll get an Octane as well. Rounding up the needed parts won't be cheap though.
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