As long as we're bashing OSX ...

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Re: As long as we're bashing OSX ...

Unread postby squeen » Sun Mar 13, 2011 6:17 pm

I like OS X but its memory management model is odd. I experience erratic (huge) delays map/unmapping shared memory sometimes. Other issues. I've verified this across dozen of machines with many version of the OS. Someday I'm going to make Apple explain it to me.

Also it take *forever* to core dump when I'm delevoping in gcc and have triggered a memory error. For that reason alone, I mainly develop on Linux and then verifiy it also works on OS X.

I also detest the case preserving but case insentivite file system. STUPID!

Other than that I really like OS X. Clearly innovative and I'm happy to see that Linux/Gnome has started copying OS X rather than Windoze in some of it's interface design. Hats off to you Apple.

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