Quicksiler-leopard-Idvd not working

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Quicksiler-leopard-Idvd not working

Unread postby SGISTEVE » Wed Mar 04, 2009 8:07 am

Upgraded a dual processor 1ghz machine with leopard. everything works great except the Idvd ! I have tried installing the upgrades idvd 7.01 and 6.5 which apples support site say will work. I get an error the drives are incompatible, or cannot not be used. Whats with the drives? I cleared out erased the old files from system 9. Now it says it can't find the base application. I will try re-installing Idvd I have a disk for Idvd professional that went to system 9 or early 10 version. It all worked in Panther.

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