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iMac Pro review

Unread postby GIJoe » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:42 am

a look at apple's attempt of keeping the pro customers on board while coming up with a new workstation design to succeed the trashcan: ... os-either/

looks like all our prayers have been answered. or have they? 8-)

- "It is impossible to upgrade and self-service this machine outside of adding new Thunderbolt peripherals"

at least the RAM can be upgraded. (after dismantling the system for the most part :) )

- "The graphics solution needs scalability—it’s just not enough for high-end 3D modeling, among other things"

they mention that apple is betting on eGPU and - as with the trashcan - on thunderbolt options to add storage et al. anyone has experience with that in a corporate environment? i imagine having a bunch of boxes hanging off a workstation is not the preferred deal at all, less so with storage. in my field it's common to lock down the external ports to prevent people from connecting USB drives and so forth. what about theft prevention?

- "In a room with an ambient temperature of 21 degrees celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit), I invoked the classic “yes” Terminal command approach to push all the iMac Pro’s CPU cores to close to 100-percent utilization and monitored the temperature. They all settled around 90 to 95 degrees celsius and exhibited no signs of reduced clock speeds."

makes me think what kind of longevity one can expect from a machine that gets this hot? having it cool down and ramp up to almost 100 degrees regularly in my experience means there's a good chance the components won't last all that long.

- "I measured the peak fan noise at 56dB with my sensor placed right against the lower vents, and that’s about 18 percent louder than what I got when I tested my 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar."

i've just compared this to my own macbook pro which is also rated to over 50 db peak fan noise. that's quite unbearable to listen to when working. luckily in my case it's a rare thing to happen.

reviewed machine clocks in at a hair under 10 000 dollars.

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Re: iMac Pro review

Unread postby ClassicHasClass » Sun Feb 18, 2018 5:21 pm

It's a pretty machine, and the display and CPU are great (if I were in the market for an Intel Mac, which for reasons previously discussed, I'm not). But I dislike AIOs because I rarely upgrade everything simultaneously, and for a system at that price point, I'd like to see more expandability than "stuff you can do with Thunderbolt." I believe this was the same error made with the trashcan Mac Pro.

For a certain class of filmmaker or photographer, though, especially one that doesn't really need to carry any system gear with them to the new machine, this could do well. A friend of mine might do very nicely with one of these. He's a pro indie director, and he was actually an optimum candidate for the trashcan due to his workflow until it got too long in the tooth.

It's definitely not what people wanted from the next Mac Pro. We'll see if the next Mac Pro meets that goal itself.
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Re: iMac Pro review

Unread postby guardian452 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 6:25 pm

I used the razer egpu setup for a while, it’s great for games but honestly a separate laptop and desktop serves my needs much better than laptop+egpu. A huge headache and a lot of programs are poorly optimized for the bandwidth bottleneck. For the cost of a razer core you can get into a base workstation and put your gpu there.

This machine is for business users, not tinkerers. We order what we need from the vendor (dell or lenovo or apple), not hack together a “rig” from mail-order parts. A machine this expensive would be purchased with a specific workflow in mind and that work isn’t going to change mid-cycle and suddenly require a more powerful chip or more memory.

I think a lot of internet whining exists because apple finally made a machine not targeted to tech journos and bloggers, and it’s been a long time since they did that.

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