Computer with a real serial port

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Re: Computer with a real serial port

Unread postby bifo » Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:00 pm

Can't go wrong with the D630, I've had a few and theyre pretty solid. A dell C600 will also work if you want something older that will run win98/dos.

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Re: Computer with a real serial port

Unread postby itsvince725 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:22 pm

japes wrote:
xiri wrote:Another alternative is a cheap and boring Dell Optiplex 980 (2010-ish).
Those were built even with a core i7 and have a parallel port, a serial port and ps/2 ports besides 4 usb-ports.
They do not occupy a lot of space and are pretty silent machines as well.

If portable (laptop) isn't a requirement, yes, most of the business PCs even in their small form factor configs will offer a serial port, at least up until nearly recent times. So that lets you pick from Dell/Lenovo/HP...there's a local pc recycler to me that always has shelves of these retired from enterprise businesses.

Mini ITX would be another way to go if you want to piece something together.

Laptops you probably have to go back pretty far, or try PCMCIA/ExpressCard or different USB converters (I gave up on all the cheap ones and buy the FTDI ones now).

HP Compaq 6200s should have serial ports and are both compact in SFF form and quite cheap.
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