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Telxon PTC-1184

Unread postby zahal » Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:13 pm

Latest find is a Telxon PTC-1184. No pen and no power supply included, so I have to source them first. Seems like it needs an 18V 2.7A power supply. Just plugged a 20V 2.5A supply and get a blinking red Power LED. Tried to find more info about it, but the most I could find was on Telxon's website at ... c-1184.htm

Can't seem to find any online manuals for it. Opened the case and it has a thick CF drive inside (Type II microdive??). I'll post some pics when I open it up again as I'm waiting (hoping) for it to charge.

Does anyone have any experience with this beast?

EDIT: Here are the pics of the inside. What seemed to be a thick CF under the ribbon turned out to be another thing. The ribbon is a 50pin one, but wider than CF. It seems to be the 65MB version mentioned in the telxon information (it's labeled 62.9MB). Thereare solderpads for more RAM chips, so I figure this must not have the maximum RAM and adding chips could be an easy upgrade.
Solid state drive, NOT CompactFlash.
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