McData ECLIPSE 1620 FC iSCSI Bridge password reset

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McData ECLIPSE 1620 FC iSCSI Bridge password reset

Unread postby Voralyan » Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:21 am


I recently got one of the devices mentioned in the subject.
Of course I don't know the admin password (which is identical
to the SNMP community string). On FC devices which I got
earlier the password reset was more or less straight forward.
On this one, however, I can't get a grip on it.

The methods found on the net either don't work on this device
or are in fact for another type.

To login into the serial console, where you can reset the password,
you need, who guessed it, the password.

This thing runs a version of VxWorks.

I can access the bootloader where you can read or write by memory
address, or you can download or upload a firmware image to flash, and
do some other stuff, like editing the boot command line.

Is there a chance that a firmware flash will reset it to default values?
I have my doubts about it, most likely the config data is stored in another
region of flash memory, or somewhere else...

Any ideas anyone?

Bootloader and version information:

Code: Select all

ECLIPSE 1620 System Boot

Copyright 2000-2003 McDATA.

Version: 1.0.3

Creation date: Aug 27 2004, 11:11:28

Press any key to stop auto-boot...

boot device          : flash
host name            : McDATA
file name            : sbok.z
inet on ethernet (e) :
host inet (h)        :
gateway inet (g)     :
user (u)             : Admin
ftp password (pw)    : Admin
flags (f)            : 0x8

Check compressed image crc ... Done in 4 seconds.
Decompress image... Done in 13 seconds.
Check decompressed image crc... Done in 9 seconds.
Starting at 0x10000...

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Re: McData ECLIPSE 1620 FC iSCSI Bridge password reset

Unread postby tingo » Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:16 pm

Can you look at / mount the root file system from the boot loader? If you can get at the password file (or shadow password file, if VxWorks uses that) you can copy it and run a password cracking program on another machine.

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