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XVM rootdisks

Unread postby muller » Tue Jan 10, 2006 3:23 pm

> you cannot use an XVM volume as a root volume

You can, because we do! We have a Origin 350 where we mirror
the root-partition and the swap-partition using XVM.


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Unread postby LoWeN » Wed Jan 11, 2006 3:25 am


XVM is usable as root mirror once for all.
Here is the proof out of our O350.

xvm:local> show -top vol

vol/external 0 online,open
subvol/external/data 573489152 online,open
stripe/stripe0 573489152 online,tempname,open
mirror/mirror2 286745392 online,tempname,open
slice/dks1d1s0 286745392 online,open
slice/dks5d1s0 286745392 online,open
mirror/mirror3 286745392 online,tempname,open
slice/dks1d2s0 286745392 online,open
slice/dks5d2s0 286745392 online,open

vol/internal 0 online,open
subvol/internal/data 143370648 online,open
mirror/mirror4 143370648 online,tempname,open
slice/dks0d2s0 143370648 online,open
slice/dks4d2s0 143370648 online,open

vol/root 0 online,open
subvol/root/data 134982040 online,open
mirror/mirror1 134982040 online,tempname,open
slice/dks0d1s0 134982040 online,open
slice/dks4d1s0 134982040 online,open

vol/swap 0 online,open
subvol/swap/data 8388608 online,open
mirror/mirror0 8388608 online,tempname,open
slice/dks0d1s1 8388608 online,open
slice/dks4d1s1 8388608 online,open


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