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VI vs. Emacs

Poll ended at Thu Jun 26, 2003 10:56 am

Total votes: 23

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Unread postby directedition » Wed Jun 25, 2003 2:19 am

Wow, lots of Vi fans. I guess I'm an Emacs fan, but I would probibly use Vi if I could learn it better.

Oh, and these are my other faves:
nedit - simple
gedit - liked tabbed browsing
pico - first Unix program I learned, and a handy tool when stuck in command line
mcedit - better than pico, but installed on fewer systems.

I don't use any office suites just yet. They're all too slow. OpenOffice takes far too long to load.
- Jim
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Unread postby psergiu » Wed Jun 25, 2003 3:08 am

joe forever

it has (almost) the same keybindings as wordstar and the old turbo|borland pascal|c editors i grew up with.

i know vi just enough to survive and set-up a system so i can install joe :wink:

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Unread postby vegac » Wed Jun 25, 2003 11:00 am

Joe is definately my second choice :)

As stated before, I'm generally a fan of vi, but there are some things that I still cannot recall how to do sometimes in vi and so that's where joe comes in...especially for things like block copying/pasting via an ssh session etc. I know I can do it with vi, but the only ways I know of are to say like copy XXX lines, where as in joe I can do start block, end block, move the cursor where I want it, and then copy...useful :)

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