FlightGear v0.9.8 released

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Unread postby SkyBound » Sun Feb 13, 2005 9:17 am

Mgras wrote:
SkyBound wrote:Errrm, I might be the mentioned developer running FlightGear on an Octane R12k and R10k
(back to R10k after the R12k CPU died ....).
I've never seen such an 'Abort' but I guess it is a CPU incompatibility. The FlightGear binary
is built for R10k and it is known to work on an R5k2 of the mentioned O2 as well but it
probably doesn't run on those CPU's that are built into the Onyx2 !?

Actually I build tow binaries, one for R4k and one for R10k which are clearly marked that way. So I don't expect that would be the problem. It could be worth the effort to try the other binaries though.


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