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Re: QEmu on IRIX, bye bye softwindows 95.

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:19 pm
by khalidschofield
Did it ever get ported

Re: QEmu on IRIX, bye bye softwindows 95.

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:22 pm
by necron2600
For years I never found QEMU for IRIX (compiled) anywhere until I started digging into GeneratriX's decade+ old SlimDesktop tardist/packages that were still available on this forum. And I was surprised to find a qemu IRIX binary in it. It is an older 0.6.1 version, but it does give possibilities now. The tardist also seems to provide IRIX patches to the orig qemu source code that we can possibly re-use for newer versions of QEMU.


Attached is the qemu part (extracted tardist) of GeneratriX's slimdesktop.
QEMU works better than I expected with performance (600mhz Octane).. I was surprised.
NetBSD 7.1 works
ReactOS works (but an older version.. )
Windows98 works
I dont remember if XP was able to install in my tests. May be an issue with Qemu 0.6.1 and supporting XP,etc..?

However, the networking seems to be faulty somehow.. qemu will crash if a network is used (even a 'ping' or a dhcp request from inside the VM will crash it) so to get around that I have used -dummy-net when launching qemu.

I have not had any time to debug anything or recompile (first attempts failed .. with newer GCC than what GeneratriX used). Maybe someone else can take a shot at it?

Attached: note, this is not my compile.. just the qemu tardist(extracted files from the tardist) of GeneratriX's slimdesktop package.

qemu 0.6.1 for IRIX mips3 (I think it was compiled with GCC)
(6.87 MiB) Downloaded 18 times