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(solved and works) Fixing V6/V8 glitch fx

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:19 am
by def13

After looking for a solution to find a way to fixe the glitch fx on my Octane 1.5 / V8, I found on the wiki :, but the link to the VFO is dead :-/

Does anybody have this file, or what is the best way to create or modify a VFO file ?

Re: Fixing V6/V8 glitch fx

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:25 am
by michaelpastras
Hey! Check out this guide on VFC: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16732152
It contains several examples and should help you out.

Re: Fixing V6/V8 glitch fx

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:51 am
by def13
I found this great post :

I know now I have to get the EIDE info of my screen and I have to use it with SGI's Video Format Compiler (VFC) to create a customed VFO file of my monitor via a VFS file ... But I don't find VFC in /usr/sbin (-_-!) - (Irix 6.5.26 / Octane 1.5)

How can I get it and install it easily without a CDRom drive, please ?

EDIT : Thanks a lot Michael

EDIT 2 : Eh ! I'm the guy from Marseille-France who bougth you a 13W3 to VGA converter you sold on Ebay ... It works PERFECTLY !!! :D

Re: Fixing V6/V8 glitch fx

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:32 am
by duck
I am pretty sure VFC is not installed by default, it's on the foundation2 CD of the base 6.5 set (with at least an update in the 6.5.29 overlays with newer vfs files no doubt)

I keep all my sgi installation files on NFS, to avoid wrist injury and insanity from swapping CDs, wich is pretty convenient.

Find yourself a linux or bsd system and they'll be able to mount the base CDs (which are EFS not ISO9660) and just copy the contents. inst/swmgr can read the files from wherever, it doesn't have to load them off a CD.

Re: Fixing V6/V8 glitch fx

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:55 am
by def13
Thanks Duck.

I've installed Ubuntu on a vistual machine on a Mac... without success to mount my 6.5 foundation CD2 or try opening an ISO file of it (-_-!).
Now I have two ways :

1- Find and buy an cdrom drive listed in Wiki ... but people are completly crazy with prices of this old stuffes (why I've sold mine 10 years ago ?!)
2- Find a the tardist somewhere or someone explain me how to install Michael Pastras files.

Note : I've got the EIDE of my monitor and all the informations I need to create the perfect .VFO for my system ... except VFC ... no pain no gain ! (^_^!)

Re: Fixing V6/V8 glitch fx

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:04 pm
by recondas
Attached is a 1280x1024_50 vfo. I didn't know what monitor you'll be using, so the timing is derived from a random 1280x1024 modeline that happened to be handy (for a Dell 1905FP.)

Not all monitors will play nice with a 50Hz refresh rate (or off-the-cuff timing), so if it doesn't work we might need to try something a little more custom tailored.

(8.2 KiB) Downloaded 6 times

The EDID-based vfo I originally prepared for that Dell 1905FP had a 60Hz refresh rate and a 107.964MHz pixel clock, which falls *just* under the 109MHz-to-193MHz pixel clock forbidden to V6/V8 graphics. Dunno if that one will work either, but there's a copy attached if you'd like to try.

(8.2 KiB) Downloaded 8 times

Re: Fixing V6/V8 glitch fx

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:11 am
by def13
Thanks a lot Recondas !

1280x1024_50-VPro.vfo works perfectly : No more glitch and no error "illegal power on ..." when it's loaded in the display manager ; it's a precious file for my Phillips 190X6 monitor.

Note 1 : on the first load, the display works but there was a shift from the top left corner (x about 100px, y about 50 px). After a quick switch between this file and the 1280x1024_60.vfo, this shift symptom didn't came back.

Note 2 : next step, finding a wacom intuos 1 or 2 (without a crazy price) and trying to install it ... there's a great "how to" in the Wiki and very interesting posts in the forum :D

Octane 1.5 + V8 + Phillips 190X6 + 1280x1024_50-Vpro.vfo = checked and works

Re: (solved) Fixing V6/V8 glitch fx

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:12 pm
by Geoman
Here you are.

Re: (solved) Fixing V6/V8 glitch fx

Posted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:36 am
by def13
Thanks a lot Geoman !

Your .VFO files work very well too.
I obtained the best result with Geoman's 1280x1024_50.vfo and a refining of my monitor's set-up (via the OSD).

So for a Phillips 190x6 full fonctionnal with an Octane 1.5+V8 :
Used Geoman's 1280x1024_50.vfo
In the monitor's OSD :
Position > Horizontal 45 ; Vertical 50
More Setting > Phase/Clock > Phase 50 ; Clock 40
Audio Options > Stand-alone : On ; Mute : Off (if you want to listen the SGI's start-up sound)