SGI O2 disconnects from Ethernet connection on the router (for the most part)

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SGI O2 disconnects from Ethernet connection on the router (for the most part)

Unread postby Everblack » Thu Aug 31, 2017 5:05 pm

Hey all,

I've ran into an issue with my SGI O2 recently where 10 minutes after booting, the LAN connection on the router gives out for the most part, and what I mean by this is that telnet would still work, but the internet and FTP would not work after this happens.

Checking my router's administration page, by extension the status of the IPs in the LAN connections list, before it would disconnect, the IP attributed to the O2 would be visible, and wouldn't be after. I got a new Ethernet cable since my assumption about the cable could be bad might be the culprit. Unfortunately, that did not work, and it behaved all the same. I since decided to test pinging an IP on the internet (namely Google DNS), and since the loop is still going, it hasn't disconnected yet. What I've gathered from this is that when there's no network activity, it disconnects to an extent. Is there anything on IRIX on the networking front that would inadvertently have it disconnect or hang after no network activity?

IRIX 6.3 on this machine, SGI O2 R5K. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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