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mips3 snes9x (gcc)

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:36 pm
by necron2600
Attached is a compiled snes9x for mips3 using GCC and nekoware's mips3 tardists. I tried to find a copy in the wild.. no luck but maybe I did not look hard enough.

Works on a 150mhz R4k Indy (I'm using a sd2scsi card.. so disk IO is slower for me and its possible could cause some slowdowns.. not sure) with sound and all. Just its not super fun with fast games with a lot going on.. slowdowns are easy to see. Maybe some other games will be decent to play that are not as intensive as Super Mario World, etc..

I run it as follows to get ok (not great) performance:
./snes9x -SH -sound -nohdma -mono -soundquality 1 -f 12 -h 100 supermarioworld.smc

You can drag the window to make it larger.. also, note #5? key lets you swap joysticks.. one is usually a keyboard and another something sgi doesnt have.. usually it works fine without any toggles but if you find your keyboard not working then you may want to press #5 (or was it #6.. I forget .. it will tell you what you pressed in the window.. you want the one thats saying swapping joystick)

snes9x for mips3
(950 KiB) Downloaded 8 times