Why can't we sell/trade original commercial software?

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Re: Why can't we sell/trade original commercial software?

Unread postby jan-jaap » Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:30 pm

IRIX is a bit in between. Too old to be useful in a professional setting, but new enough that many of the applications are still actively maintained on other platforms.

Which means I cannot buy the IRIX application because the vendor isn't willing to sell / support it (probably a valid business decision).

But at the same time, if I then keygen the thing, crack dongle protection etc etc, I cannot share this knowledge because it may very well invoke the wrath of the Adobes and Autodesks of this world. Also, though reverse engineering is allowed in many places, circumventing copy protections usually isn't. And as far as sharing goes: try to seed a torrent of PhotoShop v2.5 for IRIX. Thoroughly obsolete and useless. But it won't be long before the nastygrams show up your inbox. Been there (accidentally, really!), learned my lesson.

Maybe in another 5 or 10 years everything will be a cloudy web app and things will be different.
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Re: Why can't we sell/trade original commercial software?

Unread postby uunix » Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:51 pm

I'd do it, create a software repository so to speak, but in the words of black adders Baldrick, I'd have to come up with a really cunning plan..

Step 1.. a new line, fast and not registered to my company or me or my house, possibly to my Grand Mother, many years deceased now.. kidding on that, she never even owned a computer.
Step 2, ensure it was a DHCP line, create a mailing list that notified people of the new address.
Step 3, Encryption, soooo nobody knew what the traffic was, or maybe VPN type connection (probably have to get some hardware to do that).
Step 4, Members only.
Step 5, Move to a country with no extradition laws.
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Re: Why can't we sell/trade original commercial software?

Unread postby Dodoid » Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:35 am

I think FreeNet could be helpful here. Censorship resistant due to distributed storage, encrypted and anonymous (URL contains a key, otherwise it's gibberish), does not require hosting or even an internet connection once the site is inserted, and allows nice, updatable sites (USK) to index all the software.

Nekochanners could also add each other to the Freenet "friends" system to allow for messaging and make sure inserted data spreads to each other fast and is accessible to all of us (just in case one of our networks is too "far" from another and the data is not accessible). We could even set up "friends only" mode so that it never spreads off our network of machines, or only spreads when we want to use our bandwidth for strangers.

I think if we ran Freenet servers on machines in our houses, we could even access them directly from our SGIs using Mozilla because the Freenet client is effectively a webserver and backend. Freenet sites are all 90's like anyway due to bandwidth and no serverside on distributed networks, so they should look fine even on our old browsers.
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Re: Why can't we sell/trade original commercial software?

Unread postby gijoe77 » Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:34 pm

This is a topic I always found interesting - I can't imagine many people get their hands on a SGI and don't have an interest in running the software that made SGI's what they were (Alias, Discreet, etc), but yet we have to not discuss this. Bottom line is this site is too valuable a resource for everyone involved so it is what it is.

One good thing about the policy is I still have a fully licensed PowerAnimator 8.1 Indigo2 Extreme that I would have sold a few years ago (when I sort of fell off the SGI kick), but I didn't like the idea of posting the system to ebay so I held off - and now I'm glad I did - that Extreme box is now my 5.3 COFF system ^_^

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Re: Why can't we sell/trade original commercial software?

Unread postby Intuition » Sun Jul 02, 2017 3:14 pm

In 2016 I tried to contact my friends at Pixar who work on Renderman. Many for over 10-15+ years.

I told them I have an old legit Maya and sgi O2 and wanted to see if I could purchase an additional license of renderman for Maya, which wasn't even called that in Irix releases, so I could run it on my o2.

Ian (@pixar not depot) told me have the builds but no way to give me a license. The server no longer sends the license the way they used to and couldn't be setup that way.

So I asked for a nodelocked which they won't do anymore. Even for an old build that could be of little use compared to modern free engines out there.

To me it was/is about preserving a historical hardware/software experience from the 90s.

So I guess if you have a Maya running renderman animation tools on irix and its local node locked you have something very very rare.
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