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WorldView Japanese

Unread postby ianj » Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:56 pm

I was a heavy IRIX desktop and server user until a few years ago, when I switched my primary computing environment to Japanese and realized that IRIX did not come with such support in the standard CD set. Sometime later I became aware of the WorldView discs, but I never crossed paths with one, so there was not much hope of going back to IRIX. By now I suppose it is getting rather late to happen upon one, but I have been thinking about SGIs recently and I am curious as to what the environment provided by WorldView is actually like. Out of the handful of Japanese SGI fan sites that exist, I have seen a few screenshots, but not much detail or evaluation other than how to install the packages.

For those of you who do have WorldView Japanese, what are your impressions? Some of the (few and usually partial) screenshots I see suggest that localization of the desktop, at least at one stage, was only partial (for example, System Manager in Japanese, but the various applications that launch from it in English), but I don't think those screenshots were of 6.5 and I wonder whether the later versions were more thorough. What is the character encoding support like? From what I can gather there is only SJIS and EUC-JP, no Unicode. Are any manpages or shell programs localized, or only GUI messages? How is the Wnn-based input method and what is its interface like? I would be very interested in reading comments about these and related issues or, if anyone would be so kind, seeing screenshots of the Japanese IRIX environment.
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