Hint for licensed software (flexlm)

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Hint for licensed software (flexlm)

Unread postby kubatyszko » Mon Dec 05, 2011 1:19 am

Everyone, I couldn't really see this communicated clearly anywhere, but I've discovered that rapidapp or prodev would not even start for me (crash just after "acquiring license"), and after a while of debugging with par I found that it usually dies with SIGBUS when opening license files.
What I also noticed - is that I kept couple backup copies of the licenses under the same /var/flexlm/ - which is what caused the issue.

It turns out that ALL files in that folder are treated as licenses, and the process would try to load all of them, and it simply gets confused...

The solution was very simple - clear all of those backup copies, and leave the one master file (I'm pretty sure it doesn't happen when you use official license manager, but for those "handy" ones who like to do it manually it matters)..

So in the very short - keep just one master file with licenses in that path.

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Re: Hint for licensed software (flexlm)

Unread postby PymbleSoftware » Mon Dec 05, 2011 2:33 am

There is a flexlm topic in the wiki... Please feel free to get an account and update the wiki.

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Re: Hint for licensed software (flexlm)

Unread postby hamei » Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:42 pm

kubatyszko wrote:So in the very short - keep just one master file with licenses in that path.

Ah'll be a blue-nosed gopher ! RapidApp quit working for me a while ago, never got around to figuring out what was wrong. This is what it was .. thank you !!

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Re: Hint for licensed software (flexlm)

Unread postby Axatax » Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:04 am

A legit ProDev requires the license string to not contain any line breaks (ie. CR/LF). This is contrary to most FlexLM apps which can tolerate variable formatting of the license string.
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Re: Hint for licensed software (flexlm)

Unread postby jan-jaap » Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:22 am

Axatax wrote:A legit ProDev requires the license string to not contain any line breaks (ie. CR/LF).

Not true as long as you escape line ends, like this:

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FEATURE cc sgifd 7.000 01-jan-0 0 secretsecretsecretsecret HOSTID="d2100629 \
dfe00d95 dfa00d95 df600d95 df200d95 dee00d95 dea00d95 de600d95 de200d95 \
dde00d95 dda00d95 dd600d95 dd200d95 dce00d95 dca00d95 dc600d95 dc200d95 \
dbe00d95 dba00d95 db600d95 db200d95 dae00d95 daa00d95 da600d95 da200d95 \
d9e00d95 d9a00d95 d9600d95 d9200d95 d8e00d95 d8a00d95 d8600d95 d8200d95 \
d7e00d95 d7a00d95 d7600d95 d7200d95 d6e00d95 d6a00d95 d6600d95 d6200d95 \
d5e00d95 d5a00d95 d5600d95 d5200d95 d4e00d95 d4a00d95 d4600d95 d4200d95 \
d3e00d95 d3a00d95 d3600d95 d3200d95 d2e00d95 d2a00d95 d2600d95 d2200d95 \
d1e00d95 d1a00d95 d1600d95 d1200d95 d0e00d95 d0a00d95 d0600d95" \
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