DINA & Parallels Desktop 6

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DINA & Parallels Desktop 6

Unread postby zafunk » Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:03 am

Been trying to get the DINA VMware image converted to work in Parallels on OS X. It would seem that at least one forum member has got it working.

When I convert the image, Parallels complains that it doesn't recognize the guest OS, but converts it anyway (netBSD isn't officially supported in Parallels 6, but people have got it working). When I boot the image, it starts but freezes at the memory check. I've downloaded the VMware Fusion Demo just to be sure the DINA image is working and it is. I've tried adjusting the memory size in VMWare and re-converting the image, but nothing changes.

From the Parallels support site, I found a reference to disabling ACPI-support in the VM. This was an old post and refers to an earlier version of Parallels. I can't find any ACPI settings within Parallels or the config files for the DINA VM.

Any suggestions?

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