Graphics patches for IRIX 5.3 on IMPACT

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Graphics patches for IRIX 5.3 on IMPACT

Unread postby SAQ » Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:39 pm

Changed this to a more general question in the hopes of some enlightenment.

Still trying to figure out the best IMPACT rollup patch to use on 5.3. I have 5.3 for all Indigo2 IMPACT and a machine, but the graphics rollups do not install, and forcing a hand install of the latest one (1332) resulted in some unresolved symbols in the kernel, so there's obviously something to the conflict messages I've been getting.

Anyone sucessfully install IRIX 5.3 and the graphics rollups on an IMPACT machine? What version of IRIX did you use, and was it "version 1022585737" per inst (which is what the patches want)? Any other tips?

Original post (more detail) follows.

Obscure question: I've been trying to figure out "Patch SG0001332: Impact Graphics bug fixes for 5.3".

As I read the docs it looks as though this patch should install on IRIX 5.3 for Indigo2 IMPACT, as it's the only one that makes sense.

It doesn't, though, at least not on mine. The given version of EOE1 is 1022372333, and the required version per the patch is 1022585737.

Anyone installed this patch, and if so what version of IRIX does it patch against? Neither 5.3-IMPACT nor 5.3-XFS work.
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