sgi vr hardware reccomendations

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sgi vr hardware reccomendations

Unread postby MrBill » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:38 pm

Kinda surpising that with all the sgi hardware i have on hand,I have not yet tried anything concerning vr yet. Looking through google images, I see there were a ton of industrial looking head mounted display options. I am looking for a suggestion for the best head mounted display for use with sgi hardware, or can be made to work with sgi hardware.

This stuff used to cost a small fortune, im curious how it holds up in quality compared to some of the consumer vr gadgets of today. In particular, im curious what vr helmet would give the best quality with the highest level of immersion on whats on the screen. I had purchased a bunch of vfx1 headsets with my tezro's, however the resolution was quite low, and there was considerable delay in the response from the gyroscopes in the helmet , generating quite a delay from when you moved to when it was displayed.

Are there any software demos that i can use to test such a setup? Anything interesting, does some kind of game demo exist?

I had a buddy stop by and show off a modern vr headset that straps to your head with a phone in it. I was not impressed. Motion tracking was way off or delayed, screen had some depth issues, and the headset did not cover your entire face, i could kinda see both what was on screen and below me in the room. It did not work well.

Something for use with sgi would probally be quite outdated, but considering the cost for such hardware back in the day, im guessing it has to be at least a little better than the headset thing my buddy showed me.
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Re: sgi vr hardware reccomendations

Unread postby GIJoe » Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:15 am

i would guess headset displays were just too crude in those days and that AR was more popular - in particular crystal eyes stereo glasses combined with a tracker.

using those i played around at uni with something called the workbench, a bit like a holodesk out of a sci-fi movie hooked up to an indigo2. also saw a massive installation at fraunhofer institute once where we demo-ed their onyx-powered CAVE. needless to say it was all custom software including the language they used to build their virtual environments, the glasses flickered so you could not wear them for extended periods of time, the tracking had noticeable delay and the art probably looked very childish even when compared to video games of the day (like that performer town-demo).

still, using it in that sort of environment had enough of an effect that you came away impressed (they had a multi-storey pretty large facility and told us that the only PCs in the building were in the secretaries' offices).

if you want to have a look at properly done modern VR you'll need to check out oculus or vive. playstation VR is said to have the most comfy headset although i have not tried that myself, resolution seems too low on that one.

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Re: sgi vr hardware reccomendations

Unread postby Irinikus » Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:25 am

It would be awesome to get your hands on some of the original VPL virtual reality hardware, like that which was used in "The Lawnmower Man".

Although probably very crude, it would be correct for the period.



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Re: sgi vr hardware reccomendations

Unread postby skywriter » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:31 am

I had an ascension flock of birds with 6 channels of DOF sensors, HMD and fake space gloves. It took a huge amount of programming to get ready to use. And it was as comfortable as a gimp suit to wear. It looked cool but that was about it.

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