Lazy Game Reviews Featured An Indigo2

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Re: Lazy Game Reviews Featured An Indigo2

Unread postby radiance » Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:05 pm

Dodoid wrote:
radiance wrote:
Dodoid wrote:
duck wrote:Why is the logo upside down?

I knew someone would notice it! Two faces on the bottom, one on the top.

Hi Dodoid, You're the person I met on youtube right? (who let's his mother test OS'es on youtube right?)
I've seen you around here and on youtube (in the LGR indigo2 review comment section),
and also regarding the C compiler AIX stuff on one of you videos on youtube ;)

Have you ever thought about buying a nice book (or hunting down some good online tutorials) and trying some C/C++ development ?
Just to make it a bit more interesting and fun that simple development, maybe try to do some basic OpenGL 3D development ?
It's extremely fun and it keeps giving you a sort of "reinforcing feedback" in the form of cool 3D images that keeps you motivated to go further and further... ;) Maybe try to develop a raytracer, it's pretty simple to start with and you can keep adding features as go go along and you get nicer and nicer images ;) (Get a copy of a great book called 'Physically Based Rendering' on )

It's "the next level" after becoming a unix/terminal jockey ;)
First you learn unix, then you learn to compile software and then you learn to develop your own ;)


Well, I am sort of some of these things!

1) Lets his mother test OSes
I once did a YouTube collaboration with another channel called OSFirstTimer. That is his channel premise, not mine, but he did talk a little about my Octane at the beginning of his video

2) AIX C compiler
In that comment section, I pointed someone towards IRIX C compilers, and told someone else that I had never done an AIX video when they asked. They were separate though.

I have considered learning to write code for my SGIs. I do program sometimes, but it's usually Visual Basic 6 (one of my programs manages large numbers of old computers, hence the old version) or PHP with a web frontend (both for the Kronos platform I talk about on my channel and for general website work). Writing software for old UNIXes sounds like one of my "late July summer holiday boredom projects", but to be fair some of those projects turn out really well.

If you write it well, with good headers and lot's of #ifdefs etc...
you can compile your IRIX/OpenGL 1.0/1.1 code on modern Linux machines,
and if you add an abstraction for newer OpenGL code via different headers/classes,
you can have it use newer versions of OpenGL on Linux and/or OpenGL ES for mobile platforms like iOS and Android...

Sometimes when I have an idea I develop on SGI first,
then port to Linux and "modernize"...
That way if it runs at an acceptable speed on the SGI machine,
it will *fly* on a modern Linux with a modern GPU :)


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Re: Lazy Game Reviews Featured An Indigo2

Unread postby SAQ » Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:54 pm

pentium wrote:I swear I made a post in here several days ago....

The video is great. The only complaint is he drags his heels and talks about the keyboard being rubber dome and the quality of the mouse. Hey man, neither were issues in the 90's. Mechanical crap only became a fad in the last half a decade.

To be honest that is about the worst SGI keyboard they shipped, though I haven't used the later post-granite ones. NMB was used by a bunch of
PC makers as well, whereas the big slab that preceded it does feel nicer.

I am, and have been, a keyboard snob though. On my computers, typewriters and pianos.

The slightly galling bit is the implication that the lack of an emulator is just because of lack of interest, instead of the collection of proprietary chips SGI used, the documentation for which has not been released and is likely lost.
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