PCI Card Cage at $400 ??

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Re: PCI Card Cage at $400 ??

Unread postby hamei » Wed Nov 28, 2007 10:34 pm

mapesdhs wrote:Elsewhere, I know of a movie company who wanted a Fire license for a very nice Onyx2 but Discreet just said no because they didn't want to bother with SGIs anymore.

This is off-topic to the off-topic but it's really time some of these companies grew some balls.

"Piracy" is not a criminal offense. It is a commercial offense for which one entity can sue for damages due to lost revenue.

Now, we have here the ideal counter-case for the "piracy" crap and all we need is someone with enough money to save to slam those bastardly software thieves to the mat.

Step one - get a written statement from Autodesk that they are unwilling to license this program since they have dropped the product due to no commercial demand. Offer to pay, document the Autodesk decline. If there is no demand, there is no monetary value.

Step two : cracking FlexLM is child's play

Step three : let the bastards sue you and win. But since there is no commercial value in the product, damages equal zero. Autodesk, you may now go pound salt.

dc_v01 wrote: the Octane was clearly not "stupidity" for SGI, since it was clearly the type of technical implementation and market that SGI was engaged in - providing proprietary workstation solutions with capabilities exceeding those on the commodity market. Perhaps that was not a long term growth market, but it is okay to be in a business that will only provide a service for a limited amount of time, profit from that, and move on (specializing in y2k upgrades, anyone?)

In fact a market does exist for this type of product. Go to the IBM website and search for Intellistation. They sell Power5 based Intellistations almost entirely aimed at people running Catia. Starting price is about $ 8,000. And, contrary to earlier reports, I would imagine that there will be a Power6 Intellistation in the future, also suited almost entirely for running Catia.

Apparently there are some companies who find it economical to run real workstations rather than glorified peecees. And while IBM may be a universe unto itself, it does make money and it doesn't do so by clinging to products that no longer earn their way (e.g. Thinkpad.)

SGI coulda done a lot better. They were just too dumb at both ends - or more likely, the people at the top didn't care as long as they got their salaries and the stock owners were too lax. With a billion dollars they should have done anything but go tits-up.

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Re: PCI Card Cage at $400 ??

Unread postby Arie van Schutterhoef » Thu Nov 29, 2007 8:36 am

>original Group Station PDF
-Thanks for providing this.

This whole 'Group Station' notion seems to be completely based on image only.
I wonder whether audio was included in it. because one of the wonderfull aspects of the Octane is the availability of the ADAT light-pipe. Which is the reason why I still use it.


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Re: PCI Card Cage at $400 ??

Unread postby mapesdhs » Thu Nov 29, 2007 9:55 am

Arie van Schutterhoef writes:
> -Thanks for providing this.

Most welcome! Good old Wayback machine to the rescue.

> This whole 'Group Station' notion seems to be completely based on image only.

Well... yes, as that's what the application area is all about (defense imaging, ie. dealing with huge satellite
images, which can be 100K pixels across), but the I/O speed would be just as relevant to any other area
that deals with big data, eg. volume sets, GIS, databases, etc.

> I wonder whether audio was included in it. ...

I would be surprised if satellites can detect ordinary audio on the ground - the vacuum might get in the
way a bit. ;)

> ... because one of the wonderfull aspects of the Octane is the availability of the ADAT light-pipe. ...

Definitely. The Group Station was Onyx2 though, not Octane.

> ... Which is the reason why I still use it.

What sw do you use?


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Re: PCI Card Cage at $400 ??

Unread postby cybercow » Fri Nov 30, 2007 11:05 am

Only one thing better than Octane PCI cage is having real USB plugs on Indigo2 :mrgreen:

i found this 2 possible solutions, but i doubt anyone will ever write irix device drivers for this cards, so it remains only a vision ...

- http://www.simtec.co.uk/products/EB1161ISA/gallery.html
- http://www.arstech.com/item-USB-2-0-to- ... isasl.html

the second one is strange explained ... maybe an usb -> isa ... maybe both ways ...

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Re: PCI Card Cage at $400 ??

Unread postby dc_v01 » Sun Dec 02, 2007 11:39 am

Well, we agree that spiraling engineering costs helped kill them, just not on the timing...

R-ten-K wrote:SGI burned through most of its cash during the late 90s, because as I pointed out the revenues provided by the product lines such as the Octane and Origin were not enough to offset its development costs. You can check a simple SGI stock statement from that period, 99 to 2000 are the most telling, and you can see the trouble by yourself.

In the late 90s, SGI was paying for the next gen products - Octane and Origin dev costs were in the mid 90s, and earlier even. The Octane and Origin couldn't pay for anything new. Spiraling ("exponential") development costs, combined with a shrinking market ("NT! NT! NT!") , killed their future after that.
The market did not consider XIO enough of a win as to provide SGI with enough of a market lead. That is why for all intents and purposes they went the way of the dodo.

For most practical purposes, and a few IBM machines aside, they all did. No one really survived in the same way.

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