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SGI UV 2000

Unread postby GL1zdA » Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:51 am

The new UV is here, probably the last thing from Silicon Graphics that remains in SGI:
Announcing the New SGI® UV™: The Big Brain Computer
Hardware wise, the biggest change is the use of the lower end Xeon E5, which acquired some E7 properties - it is scalable to more than 2 sockets. The maximum core number per SSI is a bit lower than the UV 1000 - 2048 instead of 2560 (the biggest E5 is eight-core, the biggest E7 ten-core, they still don't support more than 256 sockets). Supported memory has quadrupled to 64TB (Sandby Bridge 46-bit addressing vs 44-bit addressing of Beckton/Westmere-EX). And of course a new NUMAlink generation - NUMAlink 6, up to 6.7 Gb/s, I can't find the number for NL5. Cluster limitations are the same as for UV 1000 - 16384 (NUMAlink node id limitation) nodeboards (32768 CPUs), can be connected together to form a 262144 core machine with up to 8 PB memory (53-bit GRU limit).

To save you time for registration to see the whitepapers, they are publicly available at SGI's server:
Technical Advances in the SGI UV Architecture - not much new, they basically replaced UV 1000 with UV 2000
SGI UV 2000 System Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability
A Hardware-Accelerated MPI Implementation on SGI UV 2000 Systems - again, just an update to the UV 1000 document with same title

UV 2: RETURN of the 'Big Brain'. This time, it's affordable
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