WTB: Powerbook G4, 12in / 1.5GHz

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Re: WTB: Powerbook G4, 12in / 1.5GHz

Unread postby Shiunbird » Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:21 pm

rooprob wrote:If you didn’t know Adobe released CS2 for free on 10.4, which was all G4 vintage of course.

Apparently they couldn’t keep their license server running or justify its operations for a vanishingly small user base. See their web for the license key and download.

You, sir, just saved my day.
I'm abroad only with my PowerBook G4 15-inch (and my work laptop, but I can't install anything on it), and need to work on some pictures.

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Re: WTB: Powerbook G4, 12in / 1.5GHz

Unread postby robespierre » Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:42 pm

You need to have a registered Adobe account to download the installers from the website. They do supply license keys.
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Re: WTB: Powerbook G4, 12in / 1.5GHz

Unread postby rooprob » Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:44 pm

Glad to help.

I run a Canon 5d (now known as “classic”) from the same vintage. All works well enough together, the g4 has enough to do RAW at 12MP. The best is the PB works dual head with my 1920x1200 display.

My other, far more powerful 2011 MacBooks discrete gfx failed. I’m watching Louis Rossmann YouTube on fixing tantalum caps in the hope I’m only $2 (and $100s in soldering equipment) away from reviving it. Entertaining in a Ny/NJ style, but he does talk. A lot. I’m promising myself not to invest anything that doesn’t pay for itself in some commercial enterprise. And I’m not a professional picture taker, so the 5d mkiv remains unjustifiable.
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