wtb: CPLD XC95108 chips, 5V core, PLCC package

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wtb: CPLD XC95108 chips, 5V core, PLCC package

Unread postby Y888099 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:02 am

so, these days those chips are out of production. Farnel only offers the XL version but they don't have the PLCC package.

XL chips are 3.3V core, 5V IO tolerant, and pin-to-pin compatible with the old 9500 line. It's written in the datasheet, XC9572 and XC95108 are guaranteed to be be pin-to-pin compatible with XC9572XL and XC95108XL.

Not so bad, but I prefer a true 5V core, and it saves me to add an additional LTO to power supply the 3.3V core.

Let me know if you have a couple of XC95108. A few projects are pending on them like cars waiting for the green light on the semaphore.

Thanks :D
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