Looking for a PCIe SAS controller

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Looking for a PCIe SAS controller

Unread postby RetroHacker » Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:44 pm

Well, I kinda screwed up. I bought a couple of 3TB drives to upgrade my computer, only to find that the SAS controller I have now (IBM ServeRAID 8k) does not support 3TB hard drives. The latest firmware from IBM does not fix it. Since the controller is built onto the motherboard, I need to upgrade by way of one of the remaining PCIe slots...

So, I'm kind of looking for something like an Adaptec 3405, 3805, 5405, 5445 or something - any one of the newer cards that will support the larger hard drives, and which has a mini-SAS connector on it so I can hook up the SAS backplane.


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