Thinking of selling my Octane ....

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Thinking of selling my Octane ....

Unread postby sum][one » Sun Aug 10, 2003 4:35 am

Hi there,
after all my upgrades.. i'm now in a sad period and i'm thinking about selling my Octane first.. then maybe others sgi boxes...

I wish first have an idea on how much i can earn from the Octane. here's the specs:

1Gb Ram
Xbow 1.3
2x18Gb x 1x9gb Internal Disks
MXE graphics board.

I dont have the HINV by hand but i'll can include it later for detailed specs.
by now i just wanna have idea if its worth to sell it .. the MXE is a recent upgrade and the machine always run really well. no problems at all.

for any infos/offers please use my email (

thanks in advance.
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Unread postby Satoru » Tue Aug 12, 2003 6:54 am

I fear that's going to costo too much for me even considering the saving due to national shipping... but tell me how much you plan to get?
Who knows...

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