Sparcstation 20 (w/ extras) in Washington D.C. (not mine)

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Sparcstation 20 (w/ extras) in Washington D.C. (not mine)

Unread postby sp222 » Fri May 04, 2018 2:42 pm

For those in the Washington DC area, you may be interested in this Craigslist listing for a Sparcstation with external HD and external DVD that I came across: ... 43433.html

The listing is for $350. I emailed the guy offering $120 and he countered with $150. $150 seems to be a pretty good price, but after thinking about it I ultimately decided not to buy it (space concerns, new baby, etc.). I hate to see a classic unix workstation go to waste, so I thought I'd publicize the Craiglist post here in case anyone is interested.

Again, it's not my system and I don't know the guy selling it, but since he offered to sell it to me for $150 (despite the $350 listing), you can likely get it for that price. He's not interested in shipping, so you would have to be able to drive to D.C.

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