IC Nexxus 4000 Cluster

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IC Nexxus 4000 Cluster

Unread postby spiroyster » Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:11 pm

Wondering if anyone might be interested in a Nexxus 4000 Cluster... 8xCPU spread over 8 nodes (iirc). I'll have to double check the setup but think it is still stock (C2D @2.0Ghz.... 8 of them :P ). drives removed (sorry you'll need 8 of them :roll: ).... and sorry but its FBDimms :roll: ,,,, Its the inifinity band flavour none of that ethernet shite... has built in KVM and switch.... works on single plug socket..... its got wheels to roll it around... all else fails its essentially a small blade cluster and you can fit modern server boards in there.... 8 of them. :shock:

Here's a video...

I need to get it out of storage and fire it up to see if it still works etc. No way am I shipping (with all nodes removed I struggle to lift the fucker just to roll it... I ain't strong in my later years :(). Subject to it all working asking 600... ono,

This thread is an Interest Check (IC) to see if anyone in the area might be interested to pick it up... in which case will make some effort to rid myself of it.... projects long finished on it, never really used to it's full potential... wanted to upgrade it all.... no longer cba and have other priorities in life....

Also sale won't be fast. might take me a month to get me shit together and sort it out... maybe sooner but probably not.... apologies if you needed an 8 CPU cluster by the end of the week...
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