Various SGI hardware located in New York state

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Various SGI hardware located in New York state

Unread postby pilot345 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 4:11 pm

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to throw out a feeler here for anyone who might be interested, or even better, interested and located near enough to pick up items.
I wanted to do this for the community to have first dibs before anything gets posted to ebay or otherwise.

Items available, if interested I can take pictures and get more detailed information for anyone who PM's me or otherwise contacts me.

I have a working Indigo2 system with Solid impact graphics, working irix installation/Harddisk, cosmetically beautiful, working front door flap with no broken bits, both purple matching feet, etc. All the good plastic bits are working/ no busted tabs. RAM is around 192MB or so I think, and I can get other detailed specs if anyone is interested. Trying to fetch $325 or so plus shipping or applicable for this puppy, open to discussion if anyone is interested.

I have lots of octane goodies, power supplies, mainboard with single 400mhz CPU, and also possibly a dual 400. A chassis with older revis. front-plane. Maybe some drive sleds, DAT drive, and some V6 graphics boards, interested in anything just ask.

I have TWO matching SGI branded, and granite colored old logo style 21" CRT's I would love if someone wanted these who was nearby, as shipping would be rediculous. These look great though, and still have nice brightness/picture for their age, and have both VGA and 13w3 inputs that are switchable.

I have other random bits and parts, but this was just the big stuff I dont use enough anymore, and has built up over the years while collecting and building the systems I really wanted. I have two working octanes, that are well built up, that I use , and I might be convinced to part with one of those if someone really wanted, both are dual 400mhz systems with newer mainboards, and chassis to match.

If I can interest anyone in the community in any of this stuff, I would love to sell it onward to people that will enjoy the stuff like I have...

Any interest is welcomed by PM, Post, or email..

Thanks guys!

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