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Vaxstation 3200 for sale, pickup in Bonn/Cologne area, Germany

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:24 am
by GanjaTron
Hi everyone,

I've finally decided to part with my Vaxstation 3200. I no longer have the time for this pet project, and I never managed to get installation media for it. Specs as follows:
  • BA23 case
  • 24Mb RAM (2 boards)
  • KA-650 CPU @11MHz
  • TK50 tape drive
  • RD54 installed (no OS, disk is blank and needs proprietary format)
  • LK201 keyboard (+ spare), but no mouse or console cable
POST complains about the missing QDSS console; can post the tty output for details. The RD54 spins and tested ok for bad cylinders with an ST506/412 PC controller, but the VS3200 firmware lacks a format utility. The TK50 shows green light after reset but untested due to lack of tapes. Unit is in very good cosmetic condition. Photos available on request.

Please PM me with questions or an offer if interested. Pickup is in Bonn, Germany. Thanks for looking,