For Trade (Wash. DC area): two MS-DOS handhelds, and HP & Casio calculators

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For Trade (Wash. DC area): two MS-DOS handhelds, and HP & Casio calculators

Unread postby sp222 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:33 pm

I have two DOS handhelds and two calculators that I'm looking to trade in exchange for a functioning Unix workstation (SGI, Sparcstation, HP 9000 series, etc.). However, I'm open to other trades as well, so pitch me something. I'm in the Washington, DC area and would prefer to trade in-person to avoid the hassle and risk of shipping.

Here's what I'm offering:

Husky F2/2 Handheld
This is a ruggedized handheld running MS-DOS 3.30 with an 8086 CPU.
More info available at: ... s2/fs2.htm

The FS/2 is built like a tank; it's really sturdy. Before I acquired it, it was used in the timber industry in Oregon. This unit was used in the forest and it has some wear and tear, but it works fine. It has two issues: the LCD backlight doesn't work (only an issue in the dark), and there are a few scratches on the LCD screen, though all the characters are still readable. See pictures.

The Husky comes with a data transfer cable that connects to a 9-pin serial port. The unit uses three AA batteries. It also comes with a power adapter for charging batteries. However, since I don't have any rechargeable batteries (I've always put regular AA batteries in the unit), I have not had a chance to test the power adapter. I don't have a printed instructions manual, but I can provide a manual in PDF format as well as a DOS program to transfer files via the data cable.









HP 200LX Palmtop
Palmtop computer running MS-DOS
Includes ~250mb PCMCIA memory card, power adapter, and leather carrying case.

There's an issue with the keyboard where after a few minutes of use the space bar has to pressed very hard to get it to work. (The other keys work fine.) The problem normally goes away after about 30 to 45 minutes of use, though admittedly it's annoying. There are some fixes discussed online, but since I didn't want to take apart my unit, I haven't attempted any. Someone who is adept at electronics repair may be able to correct the problem.

In addition, there's a small crack on the right hinge that doesn't affect its functionality (see photos). Apparent, this is a somewhat common problem with the HP200LX: ... hingecrack




small crack on hinge

small crack on hinge


HP50g Graphing calculator

I only used this a few times so it's still in pristine condition. Comes with the accompanying CD, printed Quick Start Guide, data cable, and carrying case.



Casio fx-5800P calculator

Fun little calculator that includes a built-in programming language. The swinging plastic cover broke off cleanly from the calculator. The unit is small and light and looks (especially without the cover) like a $5 calculator that might see at a drugstore. At first glance, you wouldn't expect to be able to write and save programs on it. I like the fact that it's more powerful than it looks.



Again, I'm looking for a Unix workstation. If you have an extra one you're looking to get rid of, and want some interesting MS-DOS devices (as well as two calculators), shoot me an e-mail. I'll consider other trades as well.

Happy New Year!

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