FS: It's trackball time! (Logitech Marble FX x2, Ergo MX x1)

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FS: It's trackball time! (Logitech Marble FX x2, Ergo MX x1)

Unread postby Hakimoto » Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:33 am

Hello everyone!

Yeah, it's unbelievable! Three trackballs for sale at once! Two of them the holy grail of old school trackballs! How could this possibly be?

I've recently taken a leap of faith and purchased the Logitech Ergo MX (yes, at € 109!) and was very pleasantly surprised. Because my trackball is now wireless, weighs 250 g and I can take it everywhere (did I mention the 9 buttons and high DPI mode?) I decided to go ahead and sell my beloved Marble FXs.

But lo and behold, the Ergo MX makes a high-pitched noise when charging and coming out of power save mode (for two or three seconds in the latter case). Maybe my ears are just a bit sensitive. So I filed a warranty claim and got a replacement. Turns out the noise when charging is there in the "new" Ergo MX, too, just attenuated, and the noise when coming out of power save mode is there, too, albeit much attenuated. Must be the way these things are built and my ears. :lol:

So I ask Logitech what to do with the first Ergo MX. Answer: "Anything you like." :shock: :D

And that's why there's an Ergo MX for sale, too. Alas, it is thus NO LONGER COVERED by warranty. Doesn't change the fact that it's effectively brand new (bought two weeks ago) and working flawlessly.

So, let's see...


(1) Logitech Ergo MX - new, in box, NO warranty, nine buttons, high DPI mode, angle adjustment (0 or 20 degrees), works flawlessly with Linux and Windows. xev captures all 9 buttons. Costs EUR 109 new. Yours for EUR 80.


(2) Logitech Trackman Marble FXs - both used, out of box, way past warranty, four buttons each. Comes with a (1) USB-PS/2 adapter that actually works. xev captures three of the four buttons (thus not the red button). The cleaner one works fine but the right button needs some push to work. The less clean one works fine, too, but the right button doesn't register and likely needs some love from a tinkerer. These are sold as a set. Think of it as spare parts! ;) These babies cost a fortune back in the day, DM 120 at the end of the 90s! Seen as you can buy them on fleaBay and elsewhere for anywhere between USD 40 and USD 200, I'm offering this set of two at a tasty EUR 50. Yes, both, as a set, for fifty lousy Euros!

Shipping to be charged on top of that.

Weight: <1000g shipped (either the Ergo OR the Marble FXs)
Shipping: NL - EUR 8.60 (registered parcel), EU - EUR 14.65 - EUR 20.15 (registered parcel), RoW - 25.95 (registered parcel)

All items are sold as is without any warranty express or implied beyond the honest descriptions given herein. All sales are final. Weights are given in the descriptions. Please know what you are buying!

Payment must be effected by SEPA bank transfer if you're within a SEPA country. For other countries PayPal is accepted but PayPal charges will be added on top. Payment must be done in full before I ship. Shipments are traceable, thus risk passes to the buyer upon shipment of goods. In the unlikely event of the shipment being lost in transit, I will cooperate fully in launching an enquiry. Any reimbursements will be in function of shipping insurance and not from me. This is a private sale, pertinent EU law applies.

Any questions, please ask. Wanting to buy? Get in touch. All via PM please. Items sold or spoken for will be marked as such.

Thanks for looking!

Cheers, Hakimoto
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