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FS/FT: Indigo R4K Motherboard NEEDS REPAIR

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:22 pm
by hbent
As the subject says, I'm taking offers on an Indigo R4K (100MHz) motherboard that needs work. I believe the CPU module is what has issues. The board does power up and produce output on the serial console but after what seems like a really long time it spits out cache errors. If it matters I can hook it up and get the exact errors. I'm sure I have at least a moderate amount of RAM to go with it (probably 64MB, maybe more). I am in the USA and I would be willing to ship anywhere as long as the buyer pays for it. I would be willing to trade or partial trade for a working R3K motherboard (yes, I do want to downgrade!). PM me an offer if you're interested.