Three broken Indigos

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Three broken Indigos

Unread postby MrWeedster » Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:52 am


I want to get rid of three Indigos which have several errors.

1: Totally broken R3k
Mainboard toast, PSU toast, no disk, no sleds, no RAM, LG1 working. Case has some scratches and scuffs, and the door is broken.


More Pics: ... 3FkNWdDVTQ

2: Random broken R3k
Has random errors everytime you switch it on. These are: Diagnostics failed, then the disk and DAT Tape arent recognized. Another one is, if the diagnostics pass, SCSI Bus error: Replace Disk, Floppy or Cable. I think the disk is broken, if i put another one in, and it goes beyond the diagnostics, it shows everything in hinv.
Specs: R3k 33Mhz, 32MB RAM, ST1840N (492MB) on Sled, DAT Drive, LG1
Case has scratches and scuffs.
Bought it on the forums, there is a battery mod done. The machine lost the date, but the eaddr is set.


More pics: ... EtVbXZPR0k

3: CPU Broken R4k
I killed the CPU when i was exchanging it with the one from my working R4k. It was/is a R4k 150Mhz. [E] Did this by removing the heatsink. At re-assembly the screwdriver slipped off, and i scratched the CPU PCB. I dont see mechanical damage, but it refuses to work[/E]
The PSU seems also to be toast, i cant get it running. The LG1 is working.
[E] Thanks to advice from johnnym i got the PSU running. If no CPU and graphics are inserted, the thing poweres up.[/E]
Specs: R4k 150Mhz, R4k board, no Battery mod, No RAM, no Disk, no Sled, LG1
Case has scratches and scuffs.


More pics: ... VktWGt3T3c

I'd like to have 50 Euros for each machine, exluding shipping. I'm willing to ship to europe, maybe world-wide.

I have some sleds, disks and RAM for both R3k and R4k. If someone needs these urgent, im willing to sell them also.

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Re: Three broken Indigos

Unread postby FlasBurn » Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:28 am

Interested in 4k Indigo, sent PM.

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