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fs: 8051 '90s board, with backplane

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:13 am
by Y888099

CPU, and glue logic chips, they all come in dip package.

  • 8051, DIP package, clocked @ 11Mhz
  • ROM, 32Kbyte, two UVEPROM chips, loaded with intel basic and mon51
  • RAM, 32Kbyte
  • three EEPROM sockets, 8Kbyte each
  • TTL-RS232 and cable
  • backplane
  • prototypal expansion board (there is a flash chip on it)
  • 160x110mm, 2 layers

Excellent shape, and working conditions.


Needs to be used with a serial terminal
  • Minicom, on linux
  • HyperTerminal, on Windows
  • CoolTerm, on MacOSX

70 euro + postage.