WTT: Indigo2 (defective psu)

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WTT: Indigo2 (defective psu)

Unread postby Skysearcher » Mon May 21, 2012 11:43 am

Hi all,

I want to trade my Indigo 2 with Extreme graphics card for something else. According to the previous owner
the psu is broken, indeed...there is no power. The case is not that great anymore, lots of scratches and the front
panel with the name indigo 2 is missing. But still a lot of components inside to be reused. I think it's a 250 mhz version.
It comes with 2 speakers and the original stand. Inside of the machine looks brand new!, no cd player, and 1 hdd.

I'm currently looking for Commodore Amiga stuff (A590 HDD) so maybe we can help each other.

When there is totally no interest for this machine this baby is going into the trash.
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Re: WTT: Indigo2 (defective psu)

Unread postby smj » Tue May 22, 2012 3:36 am

When there is totally no interest for this machine this baby is going into the trash.
The graphics board(s) could be removed and don't take up much room while waiting for a new home. The RAM is useful in other machines; the DEC 3000/300's and SPARCstation IPX come to mind. Narrow, 50pin SCSI drives are getting harder to find, and again the tray/sled doesn't take up much more room...

Hopefully it finds a new home intact, but if not and you can't keep the whole box around, these parts may be easier to trade.
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