SUN Ultra 60, 4U / 2U Rackmount PCs, LTO2-Changer, more stuf

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SUN Ultra 60, 4U / 2U Rackmount PCs, LTO2-Changer, more stuf

Unread postby canavan » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:05 pm

I have a bunch of old Hardware that needs to go:

a SUN Ultra 60 with 2x 450MHz CPUs, Creator 3D Graphics, 512MB Ram, 2 Harddrives, maybe Type 6 Kbd and Mouse, I think there's whole set of Documentation and CDs for Solaris 7 and 8 left somewhere
more Memory DIMMs for Ulra 60, Sparcstation 10/20
a Tyan B4882T 2U Quad-Opteron Server (I think those are 1.7GHz CPUs, with a 3ware SATA Raid controller instead of the SCA Backplane)
a DELL PC124T 16x LTO-2LT Changer with additional 8x Magazine and the "matching" Adaptec Ultra-320 controller, possibliy some new or only used once LTO-2 Tapes
a HP C1557/1537 6x DDS2 changer (and if you really, really want it, the Fujitsu Siemens 6U Server with 2x 550MHz Pentium III CPUs this thing was in)
a 3Ware 2x IDE RAID Controller (I think it's a 7006-2)
a bunch of generic 19" 4U Rackmount PC Server cases, some 2U Cases, most with powersupplies, mainboards, RAM and CPUs, but no Harddrives.
a bunch of 18, 36 and 73 GB SCA drives that I haven't tested yet
a DEC vt 420, "paperwhite" screen

Possibly a SUN E420R with 4x 450MHz CPUs and (I think) 1G Ram, and a SUNFire 280R with 2x933MHz, both with VGA-style graphics cards, at least one is a Raptor GFX.

The Servers/Workstations and Rackmount cases should be picked up in Cologne, Germany, but could be shipped if you send me an empty box and a return shipping label. The SUN Servers and Workstations have been rarely used, but were working flawlessly when they were decomissioned in December, but will be tested again before it's sold. The 4U / 2U Server cases are on their way to the dumpster, so they're essentially available for free. For the rest, make me an offer, either via PM or by email to nekochan (at)

A few noisy, shaky pictures are here;

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