eBay: Origin 2800 near State College, PA

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eBay: Origin 2800 near State College, PA

Unread postby smj » Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:20 am

This is not my auction, nor do I have any knowledge of the seller or the machine involved. I just thought somebody closer to Pennsylvania might like to know about it. It's got 0 bids at $600, so if you've got the room but not the money you might be able to make an offer...

eBay #290648580074 wrote:Up for sale is an SGI Origin 2800 supercomputer. This machine has 64x 300MHz R10k CPUs, 32GB of RAM, no disks, an extra scsi disk shelf, and a fibre channel HBA.

What you get:

* 4x SGI racks
* 8x Origin 2k modules (each with power supply; fan tray; dual router modules; four node boards; and base xio module w/ scsi, 100Mb ethernet, audio, etc.)
* 32x system boards with 1GB ram + associated directory DIMMs + 2x 300MHz R10k CPUs
* a pile of various-length CrayLink cables (enough to boot a 32-way configuration with express links, but insufficient for the full 64-way configuration)
* 4x rack MSCs
* 1x MMSC control panel
* 1x XIO dual-port copper (DB9) fibre channel HBA
* 1x XIO quad-port differential scsi HBA
* 1x SCSI CDROM in module #1

What you don't get:

* IRIX media
* disks
* one of the eight plastic decorative rack top panels has gone missing
* the mounting hardware for one of the CrayLink doors is missing
* working MSC power supplies (they're all dead; MSCs and MMSC have been verified working using an old AT power supply)

Buyer Beware:

* Sold as-is: I can't provide any guarantees; the machine worked just fine the last time I turned on, but that was nearly two years ago...
* a leveling foot on one of the racks is bent

Available for pick-up near State College, PA. NB: remember this machine is four racks in size; you'll need a pickup and trailer, or a uhaul, to move it...

Update: I just realized that I picked a dumb time to list this item--I have to leave on a business trip first thing in the morning on January 2nd; I won't return until the 11th. Unless you can get payment and pickup arranged over the New Year's weekend, you're going to be waiting for two weeks. Please bid accordingly.
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