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FS: Various UNIX and Mac gear

Unread postby ianj » Mon Oct 10, 2011 7:06 am

Lately I've noticed that I have too many computers to be able to use them all. Saving hardware from the dumpster is all well and good, but I'd like to get my extra boxes in the hands of people who can actually use them. I haven't had much time to set prices yet, but any offers will be considered. Here's what I have available so far (the list will probably change as I find more stuff and add more details):


  • IMPACT Indigo2 - 250MHz R4400, Solid Impact graphics.
  • Fuel - V10 graphics, no RAM or CPU (see below). Hinge on front door does not latch on its own, but otherwise no cosmetic defects.
  • Fuel CPUs - choice of 500MHz or 600MHz.
  • Octane CPUs - choice of single 300MHz or 400MHz.
  • Octane V6 board
  • O2 - 180MHz. The skins broke in a couple of places around the base and in the back, which I glued back together, but it runs and looks good.


  • Blade 150 - two available. Both have 550MHz CPUs and an 80GB hard disk. One has 2GB of RAM and the other has 1GB.
  • Blade 2000 - Single 1.2GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM.
  • Ultra 10 Creator3D - 333MHz, 1GB of RAM, 4GB hard disk.
  • Elite3D M6 UPA video card
  • Creator3D UPA video cards - I should have several available but will need to get an exact count.
  • Type 6 keyboards (non-USB)

  • Ultra 80/Enterprise 420R parts - I have extras of most of the components for this series - CPUs, RAM, power supplies, boards, etc.


  • Visualize J60000 with dead logic board - all other parts should be fine. 4GB of RAM, dual 552MHz PA-8600s.


  • Power Mac G4 "Gigabit Ethernet" Dual 500MHz, 1.5 GB of RAM.
  • Power Mac G3 "Blue & White" 400MHz, 896 MB of RAM.
  • Power Macintosh 6500/250. There are a few minor marks on the case, but very little yellowing. 4GB hard disk.
  • Macintosh IIci - three available - all come with an Apple hard disk varying amounts of RAM. Some yellowing, but no other cosmetic issue.
  • AppleCD 150 - three available. I should be able to include a caddy with each.

  • G4 Parts (Sawtooth through Digital Audio) - I have all interior and exterior parts for these models except for the chassis. Available CPU daughtercards are 500MHz (Sawtooth) and 667MHz (DA).
  • PowerBook 1400/133 (for parts) - two available. I got these to resurrect my own 1400 and will gladly pass them on to the next person who needs them. One has a broken display, and the other has a working passive-matrix display.

Apple/Macintosh - unknown condition

These machines were pulled out of a trailer last summer and have not been tested. They are a bit dirty and some may not work, but I have had decent luck with other hardware from this haul. I'm hoping to get these to someone who has the time to clean them up. Most are fairly yellow.

  • Quadra 660AV - latches on the back of the case top are broken off.
  • Plus, SE, SE/30 - I have several of these and forget the exact quantity (will update when I find out).
  • Apple composite monitor
  • Compact Mac carrying cases - two available.
  • Various Apple II expansion cards - mostly Disk II interfaces and Super Serial Cards.


  • Socket 754 motherboard with Athlon 64 3200+ and 2.5GB of RAM - free to anyone who wants an extra PC.
  • 3Com and Intel 10/100 PCI ethernet cards - add one (or more) of these for free with any other item.
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