Onyx2 Deskside plus all the stuff you could probably connect

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Onyx2 Deskside plus all the stuff you could probably connect

Unread postby pablodiablo » Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:44 am

Hi, as I partially :) moved to Linux, I am considering to sell my personal tank :) that was used to work in inferno.

Specs include:
4x400mhz, 4GB of RAM (or a bit more), five scsi drives, 2xRM9 and GE16, PCI Box with Qlogic cards, HD-XIO with this crazy cable that is made of pure unobtanium (together with both YEM and PANASONIC serializer and deserializers), DM 2/3 card, DIVO card, DG5-2 with TVO option together with Dmedia breakout box and special cables.

There is also a keyboard and mouse and speakers and extension cable for them, 10 meter 13w3 cable (wchich is extra thing as it let me move the onyx two rooms away from my workplace). There is also fiber array connected via fiber with qlogic card in PCI box that served as a stone&wire storage for inferno. Along with keyboard and mouse comes Wacom tablet (A3 size model or similar with electrostatic surface) with power supply, cable and stylus. There is also a tape drive and sun u320 scsi array.

Onyx skins are with some scratches, top cover has quite a lot scratches.

Reasonable offers welcomed before it will end up on ebay. Due to the forum rules I will not describe the non-hardware part of package.
System located in Poland (Poznan) is ready to be shipped anywhere at cost of palette freight.

If anyone is interested in having a 24" lcd for this system, I can also sell nice SUN lcd (24", 16:10, 1920x1200) together with Barco calibrator (working but only with CRT screen) that is good for calibrating color in inferno.

mail me at pawel.saladziak@mac.com
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Re: Onyx2 Deskside plus all the stuff you could probably con

Unread postby kshuff » Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:19 pm

pablodiablo wrote:Hi, as I moved to Linux


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