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Indigo Parts for Sale

Unread postby blackcube » Sun Oct 05, 2003 10:09 am

I have been going through all of those Indigo parts. So far this is what I have to offer:

2 R4400 motherboard and cpu cards
2 R4000 motherboard and cpu cards
4 R3000 motherboards (cpu is soldered on)
1 XS8 video board (no z-buffer, 1 GE7, 1 TRAM)
3 Entry boards
2 Elan's (z buffer, 4 GE7, 3 TRAMS)
6 XS24z (z buffer, 1 GE7, 3 TRAMS)
1 XZ24 (z buffer, 2 GE7, 3 TRAMS)
4 R3000 power supplies (25 amp)
5 R4000 power supples (34 amp)
14 back plane assemblies with metal shield
4-5 front panels, al with scratchs, all with doors (2 silk screened XS24)
28 8mb SIMMS for R3000 Indigo's
16 4mb SIMMS for R3000 Indigo's
4 2mb SIMMS for R3000 Indigo's
One complete case, not too bad condition, but there is a theft prevention cable loop glued to the right side of the case.

No sleds yet, but that may change later. Some of the motherboards have had TOD bettery changed, some haven't.

I thought I'd give the forum first crack at these before I dumped them on Ebay. Everything is subject to prior sale as I have notifed several friends that collect Sgi stuff.

Someone on the list emailed me about a few parts a while back. I lost a lot of mail due to a malfunctioning spam filter. I'm sorry if I didn't get back to you.


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Unread postby somecodemonkey » Sun Oct 05, 2003 3:22 pm

curses!!! bits i want but all this muddling about with world being round and 24000 odd miles around.

*gets his improbability generator out and starts trying to make infinate improbability drive*

guess my indigo is going back to the webserving business
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Unread postby blackcube » Sun Oct 05, 2003 4:02 pm

Why is distance a problem? I'm not asking much for the parts, I mean I'm not trying to get rich, just recover a little bit of my cost for the pallet. I sent a NeXT cube to Warsaw in January for $103.00USD. It weighed almost 30 kilos after packing. Deliver was USPS International Air Mail. It got to Poland in 4 days but took 3 weeks to clear customs.

So far I have an offer of 35 euros for 8 8mb SIMMs, 4 4mb SIMMs. I've offered an Elan for $20. As far as shipping, I willing to look at all options.

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