For sale: Octane2, 2x600Mhz, 4gb RAM, V12 (+DCD), DM2+BOB

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For sale: Octane2, 2x600Mhz, 4gb RAM, V12 (+DCD), DM2+BOB

Unread postby chooda » Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:09 am

Hi all, trying to get some stuff out of my crowded apartment, and unfortunately one of the items that would free up the most space is my Octane2. As stated, it has the 2x600Mhz processor, 4gb RAM, V12+DCD, DM2+breakoutbox (includes cables). However, I have not successfully set this up and tested the DM2+Bob completely, but if anyone was seriously interested in it I could make some tests to make sure everything is OK.

Also have an Octane1 2x300 (or 2x360, can't remember) with MXE or MXI and the Digital Video SDI card. And some Ensemble Carbon component video boxes for the O2 digital connector or Octane Personal Video.

Now, the big problem is shipping this beast from Norway, so local pickup would be preferred...but not sure how realistic that is. And, I might say, this system is legitimately SMOKIN'.

Either way, if interested, please get in touch, and I will dig out some more nformation :-)


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Re: For sale: Octane2, 2x600Mhz, 4gb RAM, V12 (+DCD), DM2+BO

Unread postby monoton » Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:51 pm


I can pick up in Oslo.. no prob :)
However, not before after 1st of August, when I go back home for some vocation. Interested in your dual 600 machine with DCD!

Image Octane2 "speedracer" 2 x R12k@360MHz, 2048MB RAM, V12 Graphics w/DCD, 1920x1080 LCD, IRIX64 6.5.30 (Looking for 2 x R14k@600MHz)
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Image Fuel 800MHz R16k 2GB memory, IRIX64 6.5.30, V10.
Image Indigo R4400 waiting for my pick-up
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G5 2.0GHz Dual, 4GB RAM, Nvidia 6200 AGP 256MB (PC->MAC firmware conversion), 10.5.8
G5 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, ATI 9600 Pro AGP, 10.5.8

G4 2x1.42GHz 2GB Morph OS machine
Minimig (Amiga 500) 4MB memory w/ARM controller
FPGAArcade Amiga 1200 reproduction :)

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Image Indy R5k@180MHz, 128MB RAM, XZ Graphics, IndyCam, IRIX 5.3
Image Octane2 R14k@600MHz, 1024 MB RAM, V12 GFX, IRIX64 6.5.29.

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